Beating Algeria was a challenge, Dusan Bonacic


Chilean Dusan Bonacic talking with Algerian players

Mexico City, Mexico, June 5, 2016- Dusan Bonacic scored impressive 29 points on a match-high in Chile’s important 3-1 victory over Algeria at the Men’s World Qualification Tournament and keeps his team with hopes of winning the last berth to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

Dusan Bonacic, Chile
“It was really difficult, it was a tough challege beating Algeria. We are really excited and thrilled with this important victory. Emotionally it was hard to get motivated after last night’s loss to Mexico. We had many ups and downs. I believe our mental strength was crucial in today’s win, you can’t imagine how strong Algeria spikers are, it was really tough. Now, we just have to wait”.

Head Coach Daniel Nejamkin, Chile
“While finishing on a high note, the only thing is to keep the illusion of a combination of results between Mexico and Tunisia. From the beginning I said we weren’t candidates, but our good attitude took us here. Algeria pushed hard and we are hoping for Tunisia’s favorable result against Mexico”.

Head Coach Ikhedji Mouloud, Algeria
“We really wanted to win. In comparison of our previous two matches, the team performed much better. I am satisfied with today’s match even if we lost, but I’m not satisfied with our results in the tournament”. 


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